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Northpole Cattery KITTENS

Currently Available Kittens

Cocos Litter 07162017

Coco's Litter 07/16/2017
Blue Female Snowshoe Long Hair
Blue Female Seal Point Solid Long Hair 
Orange Male Seal Point
Orange Male Seal Point solid
Red Seal Point Snowshoe Male
Red Seal Point Snowshoe Male

Feel free to check with us about current and/or planned kittens.

Past Kittens

Here are photos of some of Coco's past kittens. Click on them to enlarge.

Cocos Purple Cocos Coral Coco's Black Kitten
Cocos Green   Cocos Red
Cocos Blue   Cocos Pink

Here are photos of some of Fluffy's past kittens.

Fluffy's Kits 4 Weeks Fluffys Kits 5 weeks Fluffys Kits 7 weeks


My price for kittens is $800.00.  Payment of a deposit can be made via paypal to our e-mail address of    

Food We Feed

Purina Kitten Chow-Nurture, Fancy Feast Tender Turkey Feast Kitten and Kitty Milk Replacer when I have to supplement.


Since we are breeding Fluffy (Blue Point) and Coco (Chocolate Point) females, those are the predominant colors, but that is not to say we can't have a Seal or a Lilac point mixed in periodically, according to the possibilities. Mother nature decides those odds, and we just agree with whatever the results bring.

Our Contract

We have a written contract so as to make all the important responsibilite is known and agreed to before any kittens go to a new home. Please review it and ask questions if you have any.

Our Contract

Our Reward

I take enormous pride in raising the best quality, healthy, friendly, happy, and playful kittens for our customers.  We all give them an abundance of love, and attention, so that when they are adopted by their new family at the age of 8 weeks plus, our customers will have a wonderful pet that has been handled by not only us, but all of our Family and Grandchildren. We value the importance of a well adjusted and socialized kitten, and from experience, we know that our customers do too.

The best advice I can give to a customer is to give your cat lots of love, the best food and they will reward you back.

It is also a pleasure meeting and talking with each potential customer that chooses to adopt one of our kittens.  Then the process starts again, each with the end result of a happy family or person adopting a kitten.



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