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Janet M. Royce
206 Root Hill Road
Cornish, NH 03745





NORTHPOLE CATTERY is a small family owned Cattery, started in 2001 by Janet Royce.  Northpole is a registered Cattery with The Traditional Cat Association, Inc.  Janet has always had a love for the Siamese cat.  As a small child she acquired her first Siamese kitten from her Aunt.  It was a Seal Point Male she named “Ching”.  Years later, after getting married and having a child (that is now all grown up), she adopted a Blue Point Snowshoe she named “Snow”.  At that point, a decision was made to start a Cattery. 


Not having her own stud cat she utilized the services of King Tut, a purebred Traditional Siamese, owned by Mary Jo Cannarella of Cann-Dee Apples Cattery.  Snow's first litter was partially aborted (as it turned out)  two kittens at about 4 weeks. We had her checked at the Vets and they say she had no more kittens, but she ended up successfully delivering two.  Due to this we ended up keeping the Female Blue Point Snowshoe that we named “Angel”.

We also breed again using another Stud owned by Cann-Dee-Apples.  I have been mentored over the years as a breeder by Mary Jo and to this day she is only a phone call away to answer any question that I may have and she is always willing to discuss in detail what needs to be done or how to do something.  I have received large amounts of useful information from her.  It has been so welcomed and appreciated.  After several years of breeding both of those first cats we had each one spayed and they remained our pets.

Since then we have produced both Short Hair and Long Hair,  Blue Point and Chocolate Point Traditional Siamese, as well a Blue Point, Chocolate Point and Seal Point Traditional Snowshoes.


We moved to our new home in Cornish, NH, which is in what is called the Connecticut River Valley in Central NH on the border of Windsor, VT.  This is where the famous “Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge is located.  It is one of the longest covered bridges in the United States.  We live at the end of the road on the top of a hill facing to the west to view Mt. Ascutney and beyond.

In 2014, within a few months of each other, we had lost both Snow and Angel, along with our Siberian Husky “Kala”.  We then adopted “Fluffy”, a Blue Point Champion Stock from Baylee Blue Eyes Cattery, owned by Lisa Thorne and Mary Jo Cannarella.  Our second adoption later in the year was “Coco”, a Chocolate Point Champion Stock from Kittles Siamese owned by Jean Cassella.  The two different cats were adopted so the blood lines would be different to clear the way for future breeding.


All of our cats are always kept inside as they are our family pets.  I will only have one cat at a time pregnant so she receives our complete attention through the whole process, which takes around 4 months.  I will only breed my queens twice a year, as to not take a toll on their body.  They are each given the best food possible, supplements when needed and always fresh water and a clean litter pan.  They also have numerous toys and climbing items as well as my Husband, Richard, who is the greatest at playing with them and with the kittens when they get older.

They are also, taken to our Veterinary for checkups and all their shots and tests that are needed and always up to date to be as healthy as they can be. They are also free of FeLV and FIV. There is no test for FIP.

Purina Kitten Show-Nurture, Fancy Feast Tender Turkey Feast Kitten and Kitty Milk Replacer when I have to supplement.


I still do not have my own “Stud” cat, so the services now are from Snowy Points Cattery, owned by Lisa Thorne with one of her “Stud” cats, Leo (A registered Foundation Stock Traditional Snowshoe Seal Point Mitted Male or Pumba (A Registered Foundation Stock Classic Siamese Seal Point Male).


I currently own and operate a family business with my husband (over 40 years), so when time is close for the delivery of a litter, I use vacation days so I can be with the Queen, if needed in the birthing process. I can say that I have been with every cat during every delivery.  

The worst things to happen with my previous two queens, Snow and Angel, were when Snow aborted two, but they were at different times.  She also delivered a still born kitten, which I placed in a very small wooden box and buried in a special place. Several years had passed since I had a pregnant cat, so I will say I was a little nervous. 

When the due date came for Fluff’s first litter, I experienced a breach kitten in the canal. I then called Mary Jo and she tried to walk me through it, but I was unable to resolve it.  I called the Veterinarians and they told me to bring the cat to them.  So I got the pet carrier, left it at the end of the hallway and opened the back room door and Fluffy ran right into the carrier. At this point I am thinking, “Thank You to someone up above for having her do this”.  The ride seemed long and she was crying so loud.  We arrived to have her examined and with the assistance of two technicians they delivered the male and he was followed by the birth of a female.  Both were healthy.  Each of these two precious kittens were adopted by wonderful families, who still contact me and on occasion send a picture. I do enjoy seeing pictures of the kittens i have helped birth. That way I know they are being well cared for.

Now, when Coco was ready to give birth, there was only one cry and she went immediately to the back room and got into the Birthing box.  Well low and behold, the first one was breach and I’m thinking o my….but I did what I had been taught previously and helped deliver the first kitten, without a noise from her,  she preceded to deliver 6 more, all healthy kittens – 5 males and 2 females, with assistance from me.  This was another experience to chock up to tying off and cutting the cords and helping clean up as Coco was overwhelmed at this point.  She turned into a fantastic Mother, once she got a little rest.  I could see that she was very appreciative of my being there for her.

I know for a fact the greatest joys of having a Cattery is watching the Queen go thru the stages of being pregnant and the anticipation of the delivery of each and every kitten, then watching these sweet little things grow and develop their own personality.  I enjoy watching how they learn from their Mother.  In our case their “aunts” will each step in and help whether it be cleaning them, playing with them or watching over them to make sure that they do not go up or down the stairs or do things they are not supposed to.  All kittens are coded with a color at birth and are monitored and weighted daily to make sure that they are all gaining.

I also will feed them a supplement of Kitten Replacement Milk, when needed.  I will say that the first two weeks of their lives, I sleep in the same room with the Queen and her kittens right next to me on the bed in their birthing box, where the Queen can come and go.  If I hear any cries, I arise to check out what is wrong. Needless to say some nights, not much sleep is had. This job I have chosen to do means countless hours and much dedication, so it is comes out of the LOVE of this breed.

Once the kittens are old enough and outgrow the birthing box, they are put into a larger kitten play pen with several cloth covered ramps.  Here they have some room to explore and for the Queen to tend to her kittens and have her space also.  Soon after, numerous times a day, they are each picked up, snuggled, kissed and talked to and brought into the main part of our home.  They can then get stronger on their little legs by walking and running around the house and playing with many toys and just exploring. 

When they are ready to start having some wet kitten food, I bring a small kids swimming pool into the house and use this to put the food down for them and let them have a taste.  This may take a little time for some of them to get used to it, but once they do, they know when the dinner bell rings.  We also introduce them to a clay litter box, as the Queen is not going to be cleaning up after them.  The reason for using plain clay litter, is that they tend to think it is food at first and it is fine if they do eat a little.  It is really amazing how quickly they catch on to using this after seeing Mom use the one in the play pen. 

It is not until they have been weaned from their Mom that I change to clumping litter.  I also gives them their deworming medicine and give them their first vaccine shots needed, which is followed up by a visit to the veterinary office, where they receive a State issued Health Certificate as a guarantee to our customers.


Janet M. Royce
206 Root Hill Road
Cornish, NH 03745







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